Community Support: Would you like to get involved?

I have committed myself to two personal projects: supporting students in rural schools and building wells to provide pure water to residents of rural villages. I am pleased to offer my clients an opportunity to support the Cambodian peoples
by donating supplies to rural elementary schools and funding for pumping wells and water filters in combination with on-site visits.

1). Schools Projects​ ( Rural School Support You can make a difference)
The School Projects in the rural area , you can make a difference life of the children in Cambodia and it is our goal is in helping poor and underfunded school children receive school supplies, clean food and water, and basic gym equipment to promote healthy social relationships. Below are some suggested itineraries for your visit at the most beautiful places, but we will design your trip of a lifetime to your specific needs if you like. Here are our most popular trips already planned out for you.We are honored to offer you the option to visit a rural elementary school. The schools we are support are housed in very basic buildings. A typical classroom contains 30 to 50 primary school students and be taught by a young teacher who has to do the best she can with few school supplies.

You are welcome to bring school supplies from your home country, we can shop together for supplies the day prior to our visit, or you can simply tell me the amount you would like to donate, and I will buy the supplies prior to your arrival.
For a suggested donation of $4 to $6 per student, together we can distribute essential items such as pens, pencils, and notebooks to these needy youngsters.

Few ways you can give your support:
• Purchasing food, snacks, or clean drinking water in bulk
• Providing the school with health vaccinations, or hiring a local doctor for one day
• Buying notebooks, pencils, color pencils, pens, backpacks, and other school materials
• Donating school uniforms
• Creating your own gym program by giving sports equipment (soccer balls, volleyballs)
• Volunteering for the day by teaching English to teenage children
• Creating your own game for children

2). Rural Pure Water Project (You can change a family’s life)
The Rural Pure Water Project is a Way to Leave a Lasting Impression. There is almost no need as basic as having clean water to drink, but many Cambodian peoples do not have access to it. In the countryside, most people rely on water from rivers or streams, but this water is often diseased and polluted. Many of the country’s worst health problems can be traced back to the use of these unclean water sources. The victims of these diseases are often children, whose parents have no way to pay for medical care. It is estimated that 60% of rural residents have no clean water to drink.

The good news is that this problem is easily fixed
for individual families with the installation of a well. A properly installed well can ensure that the family will have drinking water for many years and a greater chance of health and prosperity. When my customers see the beauty of Angkor Wat and the very difficult lives of the people who live near it, they often ask how they can help.
I want to suggest that paying for even a single well to be installed can truly change the lives of those Cambodians who are most in need. What makes this an extraordinary giving opportunity is that you will meet the people who receive your well and see firsthand where your donation is going Together we will go to the countryside, meet a rural family, hear their stories, and assist in the installation of their new well. If you are interested in giving Cambodian people cleaning water and a fresh start, please tell me when you book your tour so,we can make the proper arrangements before you arrive. Thank you for your generosity!
Pure drinking water is a priceless resource that many people in the developed world take for granted. Your support can make it a reality for one or more Cambodian families.
We are looking forwards hearing your supporting the future life of Children in Cambodia on your vacation trips.
Thank you in advance