Community Support: Would you like to get involved? 

I have committed myself to two personal projects: supporting students in rural schools and  building wells to provide pure water to residents of rural villages.   I am pleased to offer my clients an opportunity to support the Cambodian people
by donating supplies to rural elementary schools and funding for pumping wells and water filters in combination with on-site visits. 

Schools Projects​ ( Rural School Support  You can make a difference)

I am honored to offer my clients the option to visit a rural elementary school and personally donate books or other school supplies to young students. The schools I support are housed in very basic buildings. A typical classroom contains 30 to 30 primary school students and be taught by a young teacher who has to do the best she can with few school supplies.

You are welcome to bring school supplies from your home country, we can shop together for supplies the day prior to our visit, or you can simply tell me the amount you would like to donate, and I will buy the supplies prior to your arrival.
   For a suggested donation of $3 to $6 per student, together we can distribute essential items such as pens, pencils, and notebooks to these needy youngsters.

     Clients such as these have told me that meeting these young children and presenting them with school supplies they otherwise could not afford has been one of the highlights of their visit to Cambodia.

Rural Pure Water Project  (You can change a family’s life)
I work in co-operation with generous clients to provide rural families with pumping wells that provide them with pure drinking water for the first time in their lives.

Many people from other countries are surprised to learn that a one-time donation of US $250 will pay for the installation of a pumping well and water filter for one or more families in a small rural village.

During your visit, I will take you to the site of the proposed well to meet the family. Once the project has been completed, I will send you photos of the family, the well, and the sign recognizing your generous donation.

Pure drinking water is a priceless resource that many people in the developed world take for granted. Your support can make it a reality for one or more Cambodian families.
 1*Thank you Kathy and Brian Warner for your supported to my Rural Pure Water Project
2* Thank you Dave Warner for your supported to my Rural Pure Water Project
3* Thank you,Roseanna Livia and Tony
4* Thank you David and Diana Li ( Thank you for donation to our Rural Pure Water Project)
5 * DEAR  AUDREY HADE , NICOLE MA AND MATT SYMONDS ( Thank you for donation to our Rural Pure Water Project)

I am really grateful for your generosity, your trusted and most importantly of your commitment to our mission. In conclusion, we would like to say thank you to you again for your generous support and attending our event. I wish you with all of the best and whatever you wishes.
We will keeping in touch and hope to meet you again soon.
Thank you in advance
Best Regard
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